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Celebration for Released Prisoners


The series of the year’s activities of the Lajee Center included a visit from freed prisoners released from the occupation prisons and their families. The center’s media unit covered the event, taking snapshots and documenting the celebration. Congratulations from the Lajee Center, the administrators, staff, and volunteers to:


The freed prisoner Ibrahim Yassin Abu Srour

The freed prisoner Amjad Salah Abu ‘Akar

The freed prisoner Hussein Salah Abu ‘Akar

The freed prisoner Ahmed ‘Eid Abu ‘Akar


And congratulations to their parents.


For the occasion of their release from the prisons of the brutal occupation, all the center’s employees made a visit to their families and shared in their joy.


We wish a speedy recovery for the injured and the opportunity for all the imprisoned men and women to snatch freedom, and mercy and immortality for the martyrs.


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