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The Lajee music program was officially established in the Summer of 2014. Although the idea to teach music to the children and young adults of Aida was always there, the funding and support to obtain the instruments and instructors was not. Finally in 2014, Lajee was able to support this new program, and with limited instruments the music lessons began in the garages of the Lajee building. Since then, the music program has expanded, teaching children between the ages of 8-18 years old. These children learn not only how to play the instruments, but are also taught and tested on reading and writing music, different music styles, composers and artists. As the younger children move up in their lessons, they are then placed into groups where they train and perform together at local shows and festivals, as well as abroad. The Lajee Music group has performed alongside the Dabka group in Ireland, Scotland, and Spain. In each country they travelled, they also learned the local music of the country and have combined Eastern and Western styles of music to perform in front of audiences. 

The Lajee music program currently has about 20 members divided into 4 units. Each unit is taught a different instrument. The instruments taught at the Lajee Center are: Oud, Kamanja, Qanun, and Tabla. Lajee provides these instruments and practice lessons to the children of Aida participants free of charge. Through the Lajee music program, children are taught multiple concepts over the years of their training, not only musical techniques and creating their own music, but learning to be responsible, independent, and self confidence. Workshops are held between different camps within the area, as well as with international groups. These groups can organize with Lajee to hold music sessions and learning workshops so all can benefit and learn different techniques and cultural music styles. 

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