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Environmental Camp

The Environmental Summer camp is a yearly event where teens from Aida can enjoy a week of learning, exploring and deepening their knowledge about the natural habitats which surround them. The Environmental Summer camp began in 2019 and is a 1-week event where about 40 teens between the ages of 13-17 join and learn about their environment. The activities include field trips to different areas and cities where wildlife and a variety of plants and agriculture are present. There they learn about the history of the area they visit, including ancient ruins and sites, as well as natural structures and caves. The young adults also visit museums where they learn about animals, fossils, and nature in general. Additionally, the teens have learned about the importance of water and water contamination. They’ve learned to test water for contaminants and pH levels. Another important aspect of the Environmental Summer camp is to teach the teens about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling garbage and other materials. They put into practice what they learned by turning the Lajee rooftop into a beautiful garden using non-organic materials such as tires into planting pots, and scrapes of wood and other wasted materials into tables and chairs. The teens met with agricultural engineers to learn about planting and food to continue growing the garden, which holds the Hydroponic garden where fresh organic vegetables and herbs are grown. The Lajee rooftop garden is now available for all members and visitors of Lajee to sit and enjoy fresh air in a joyous setting. 

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