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Health Camp

The Winter Health Camp is a new edition to the Lajee Center’s list of activities and was hosted for the first time in a joined partnership with 1for3 in December 2021. The Winter Health Camp includes various activities between health, the environment and entertainment for more than 60 of the health patients currently being treated by Lajee’s Community Health Workers, all living within Aida and Al Azza refugee camps. The mixed group of participants including men and women in the camp, are all over the age of 40,  and attend the camp for 1 week to learn about the underlying health issues that are prominent within the community. With deepened knowledge about their health, these patients can look out for important markers that can lead to more serious diseases, and learn to avoid such issues. The Winter Health camp involves an array of health associations to present and speak with the participants, including the Red Crescent, the Bethlehem Health Municipality, and various doctors and specialists, whether for thyroid, orthopedic, optometrists or dieticians. The Lajee Center also includes free days for entertainment of the participants, where they can enjoy a healthy getaway outside of the refugee camp for the day. 

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