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Clowns in Rebellion hold International Festival for Children in Palestine

Clowns in Rebellion, a group of 40 artists from Spain, Brazil, and Chile held the International Festival for Children in different Palestinian cities for five days, starting 20 September, where they engaged with local children and held different performances to spread the joy and happiness among them.

The festival was organized by Lajee Center in partnership with Playground for Palestine organization. This organization has already contributed to making children happy and providing them with parks to play in under a heavy occupation that strangles their homes and neighborhoods.

The group performed in Hebron city, Deheisha camp, and in Lajee Center, Aida camp on Friday. About 300-350 people attended that day, which started at 10 AM and lasted until midnight. The audience included children, parents, and elders, who were very happy to attend the festival.

The group divided children into groups, where painters held workshops with ten children and painted graffiti on the walls of the camp. They held a show and circus and acrobatic games, including rope walking and giant bubbles, face paint.

The group is due to perform today, Saturday, in Al-Yasmin Society and Kobar village inRamallah, and in the village of Asira Al-Shamaliyya in Nablus the next day with the same activities that bring a smile to the faces of children. Lajee center also agreed with the members of Rivas municipality in Spain on more cultural programs during the coming years. 

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