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Health for Palestine team keeps supporting the Aida and Al-Azza community

Over the last months, lajee’s health team continued accustoming over 100 chronically ill patients in the camp. With the visits in the houses they contribute not only to the physical wellbeing of the camps inhabitants, the weekly visits and the conversations contribute as well to the psychological wellbeing.

Apart from that, the health team invested in further education of their team members such as the community with lectures and interviews. In a discussion round with Dr. Bram the team set up a plan for the projects future plan. Mr. Ardash reported about his experience with health projects in other countries, which gave the team an opportunity to contrast their own experience such as successes and struggles.

To strengthen the team’s abilities, it could realize several workshops. From team building measures to workshops about psychiatry and psychological traumas there was a wide variety.

For the patients, the recreational health day was one of the highlights. First, they could listen to a lecture about appropriate food for people who suffer from diabetes and about measurements to implement in daily life for people with hypertension and Diabetes. The theoretical knowledge turned real with a healthy lunch including rice, salad, chicken and fruits. Afterwards there was the possibility for physical activity such as swimming and dancing. The day was closed with relaxing activities such as massages, sauna and hair cutting so the participants could end the day in enclosing wellness.

Facing all these activities, the health team takes no time to rest now, but keeps working on and is already planning the next events. We are looking forward to the next months and a wide support to community’s health!

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