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Lajee Center Activities in March 2023
Lajee Center would like to thank all donors, partners, volunteers and friends of Lajee Center. Without your support Lajee Center wouldn’t be able to continue serving the community and doing all these activities.
Health Unit
During this month, the community health workers made 61 visits to various patients suffering from pressure and diabetes. During these visit the community health workers did the following: they examined the blood pressure of hypertension patients and blood sugar levels of the diabetes patients, they made sure the medications were taken in correct and appropriate doses and times, they listened carefully to the patients and referred some of them to make important tests such as the cumulative blood sugar check, examination of the kidneys to check on their health, and they communicated with patients who suffered from health ailments and followed-up their cases in hospitals and houses. Some of these visits were followed-up with Dr. Muhammad Abu Srour, who sometimes modified the patients’ medications and set a program for them during the month of Ramadan.

Environment Unit

At the beginning of this month, the environmental workers worked with the Environmental Club group that was formed during the previous month on cleaning and planting the roof of the center. On 4 March, the environmental workers organized an environmental trip for this group. The trip included three villages in Ramallah: the villages of Kafr Nima, Bil’in and Safa.

In addition to that, the environmental workers organized an environmental camp for 15-20 years old boys and girls from Aida, Al-Azza camps and Beit Jala that began on 15 March and ended on 22 March. The environmental camp included basic concepts of the environmental and the water unit, recreational activities, competitions, agriculture within the environmental unit, the impact of the occupation on the environment and the Palestinian land. The environmental camp was ended by a historical environmental trip to the city of Jericho, specifically to the Auja Spring, and Hisham’s Palace.

On this month, the environmental unit had a volunteer named Laura. She is an environmental engineer who had a big role in the environmental camp: providing the students with information about the hydroponic unit and teaching them how to harvest the crops in the correct way. In addition, Laura gave a lecture to the environmental workers about the tools and elements needed to improve the hydroponic units, and the method of testing the water and the plants. Furthermore, Laura went with some environmental workers to the aquaponic and hydroponic unit in Beit Sahour to examine the method of its work and applying it on the roof of Lajee Center.

Zahrat Al-Yasmeen Kindergarten

The kindergarten organized a medical day to examine the feet of the students in coordination with the Foot Care Center in Bethlehem. The aim is to find out if the children suffer from flat feet, so the doctor examined the children and sent a paper with the children that suffer from flat feet to follow-up on that matter with their parents.

The kindergarten teachers prepared a program for the students to participate in the celebration of Mother’s Day, Earth Day, and International Women’s Day. The kindergarten children presented eight shows as part of that celebration. All the students’ mothers were invited by the kindergarten and Lajee Center. The program presented by the children included poetry by Mahmoud Darwish, as well as songs and words related to the event. All mothers of the children were present at this celebration.

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Children’s Rights

Lajee Center organized a special workshop about “Children’s rights through Arts” for thirteen mothers. The workshop focused on the following issues: The right to education, no discrimination, the right to protection, and the right to live in a family.


During this month, four childrens’ activities were organized at Lajee’s library: Storytelling, free drawing workshop, educational games and coloring drawings for the month of Ramadan. In addition to that, students from the Faculty of Education of Bethlehem University visited Lajee’s library and told stories to the children using puppets and kinetic games.

Lajee Music Institute Music lessons continued on a weekly basis. The second generation group practiced the songs “Yamo” and “Ween A’a Ramallah” to participate in the Mother’s Day event, in addition to playing their songs to visitor groups that came to Lajee Center.
ACLAI Palestine The gym had boxing trainings for boys and girls and there were more than 480 visits to the gym during the month of March. There has been an increase in the number of participants: 55 women and youth and 20 men that had regular trainings in the gym. On 10 March 2023, the gym trainers organized a hike for 20 youth and women participants from the gym. The volunteer Shannon visited Lajee Center and trained the women and the coaches of the gym for two weeks.
Rebel Circus The children of Rebel Circus started taking online Spanish lessons with the teacher Irene. The Spanish language will help the children to communicate better with their circus trainers from Spain.
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Mother’s Day, Earth Day and International Women’s Day Celebration

On 18 March 2023, Lajee Center organized a special day to celebrate Mother’s Day, Earth Day and International Women’s Day. The Celebration was at 4 pm at an events’ hall in Aida Camp. Invitations to this celebration were sent to mothers and women from Aida and Al-Azza camp. The mothers of Lajee Center’s participants, the mothers of the kindergarten students, the mothers of the martyrs and prisoners in Aida and Al-Azza Camp and other women volunteers. The celebration had a very special program which included shows for the students of the kindergarten, the dabkeh groups and the music groups. There were several speeches about the mothers of the prisoners and the mothers of the martyrs and about the great connection between the Palestinians and their lands. At the end of the celebration the employees of Lajee Center distributed gifts of a plant and a mug with Lajee Center’s logo to all the women in the celebration.

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