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Spanish and Circus Classes in Lajee

Throughout the month of September, two Spanish volunteers organized Spanish language and circus classes. The classes were catered to six boys and six girls between the ages of ten and twelve as well as two volunteers of Lajee who will be going on a cultural trip to Spain early next year.

The participants learned how to greet others and introduce themselves. They were also taught colors and numbers in Spanish through fun games and interactive learning methods. By the end of the six classes the participants were able to hold basic conversations in Spanish.

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When asked why they wanted to learn Spanish, one of the participants said “Spanish is a beautiful language and I really wanted to learn how to speak it. I like the way it sounds.” Another participant said that he “wanted to learn a new language and really enjoyed the Spanish classes.”

It is important for Lajee to provide such opportunities for the children as there are numerous benefits to learning a foreign language. It develops cognitive skills, such as problem solving and decision making. It also exposes them to new cultures and societies from around the world.

In addition to learning a new language, the children also picked up new skills in the form of circus tricks. They learnt how to juggle with balls and clubs. They also tried their hand at diabolos and walking on stilts Such activities help to keep the children occupied in fun and healthy ways. Thank you to our international volunteers for executing such initiatives. 

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