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Tear gas and arrests in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

Israeli occupation forces fill Aida Camp with tear gas bombs yet again on Friday February 18, 2022 at around 2:00pm local time. As the ongoing illegal occupation and land theft continues in cities like Sheikh Jarrah, the Palestinian people have become weary of international support and have taken to the streets to stand in solidarity with each other. Young teens in Aida and Al-Azza Refugee Camps have come together to protest the daily injustices carried out by the Israelis, who in return meet them with violence and aggression. Over 100 tear gas bombs were directed at the teens, hitting the homes of the residents of Aida and suffocating families inside, most of which were having lunch at the time with open windows for fresh air and sunlight. The attack lasted over two hours with constant tear gas being launched at the homes and people in the streets.
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On Thursday morning, at 5:30am, 17-year-old Amir Abdallah was brutally arrested for being a part of these ongoing protests, as a common scare tactic the Israelis use to silence Palestinians. The occupation forces barged into his family’s home at 3:00am searching for Amir, breaking the glass fixtures on the front door for no apparent reason. Once inside, the occupation forces also turned the house upside down, turning over furniture, breaking closets and damaging multiple items within the home. This of course is not the first time, nor is this a rare occurrence; the Israelis are known for their destruction and obnoxious behavior when entering and searching Palestinian homes.  

No charges or evidence against Amir were found and he has returned home the following day. Situations like these spark the Palestinian resistance against the ongoing injustices carried out by the Israelis. However, small or unsuccessful their efforts may seem, their resistance demonstrates their love for life and the will to live it in a safe and free Palestine.  

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