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The Lajee Center’s Women’s Unit launched its first initiative of 2022 on January 22nd.

The Lajee Center’s Women’s Unit launched its first initiative of 2022 on January 22nd. The meeting set out the plan for the year, outlining the main aims of the unit, as well as asking women from the local community what they wanted to get out of this year’s program. The program’s ultimate goal is to breakdown traditional Palestinian conjugal roles, refuting the stereotype that women can only be homemakers. The Women’s Unit wants to enable Palestinian women to become decision-makers and have a significant impact on the local community. The goal is to conduct at least two or more empowerment activities each month.

The Lajee Center’s Women’s Unit also wants to empower women economically. It is going to run courses on economic affairs, food manufacturing, and electronic and local marketing to give Palestinian women a fiscal education-especially as many of them have never had the opportunity before. The Women’s Unit also aims to establish a women’s cooperative that supports the monthly income of some women’s families whilst they use the skills they have learnt from the different courses to provide marketable products and services.


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The Women’s Unit has made a point of commemorating roles of women on the anniversaries of international and Palestinian political events, emphasizing their importance across the globe and particularly to the Palestinian narrative. Notable examples of these celebrations include educational, political and health lectures, field trips, networking with other cooperatives and women’s institutions, and workshops. There is also a more relaxed aspect where the women get to let off steam, allowing them to forget about the many pressures of everyday life for a moment or two. The women from the local community have expressed their enthusiasm to participate in these programs and enjoy the sense of unity it and empowerment it gives them.
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