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Zahrat Al-Yasmeen Kindergarten Plans Many Activities for Spring 2023

The Zahrat al-Yasmeen Kindergarten has many plans for the students to continue learning and growing through curiosity and play in the coming semester. A typical week in the kindergarten includes multiple dabka courses, circus classes, science and art activities as well as daily math, Arabic, and English practice. The teachers create monthly plans that describe the curriculum for each week and day. They exchange their plans with each other to receive feedback and work together on improving the curriculum. They are also hoping to participate teacher trainings to enhance their skills in child development and using drama in teaching.The teachers regularly participate in exchanges with teachers abroad through the partnership with 1for3.

The kindergarten will host regular activities with parents and families – such as a science day at the end of February, a party for Mother’s Day in March, and graduation at the beginning of June. The teachers are already working with the kindergarteners to prepare for each of these activities, where they will speak about what they’ve learned and perform songs and dances.

The kindergarten will also continue connecting with parents about the needs of their children by holding monthly meetings with parents and also producing evaluations for each child at both the middle and the end of the term.

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