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Lajee Center Activities in April 2023
Lajee Center would like to thank all donors, partners, volunteers and friends of Lajee Center. Without your support Lajee Center wouldn’t be able to continue serving the community and doing all these activities.
Health Unit
The community health workers made 114 visits to various patients suffering from chronic diseases (hypertension and diabetes). During the visits, the health workers checked blood pressure and diabetes levels, and confirmed that medications were taken in correct and appropriate doses and dates, in cooperation with Dr. Muhammad Abu Srour. The health workers referred some of the patients for follow-up on important examinations such as the cumulative blood sugar test, kidney enzyme tests, and others to check on their health. The health workers listen carefully to the patients which increases the visit time to an hour or more. In addition, the health workers made emergency visits to some patients and followed-up with patients who had previously been in the hospital. Some of these follow-up visits were with Dr. Muhammad Abu Srour, who sometimes adjusted patients’ medications and developed a program for them.
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Environment Unit

During this month, the environmental unit worked with the help of the environmental club group on cleaning and arranging the roof of the Center. They planted cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes inside the greenhouse. They also installed the tower system and prepared it for planting.

Fourth Annual Eid Festival on 22 April 2023

A large number of children and families from Aida Camp and the neighboring areas attended the Fourth Eid Festival. The festival started with a tour from the puppets of Al-Hara theater in Aida camp. Following the tour there were inflatables and booths selling many local products, food and sweets in the playground and football field of Lajee Center. The joy and smiles were on the faces of the children and their families.

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Zahrat Al-Yasmeen Kindergarten

On 3 April, the kindergarten students celebrated Ramadan and they learned the Arabic letter “س”.

On 4 April, sixth grade students from the American School of Beit Jala visited the kindergarten. They distributed gifts to the kindergarten children and they did many activities with them.

On 8 April, the kindergarten students learned about the number 8.

On 10 April, the kindergarten students learned about the manifestations of the spring season.

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Lajee Music Institute

Waad Al-Dibs, who is one of the students who started learning music at Lajee Music Institute many years ago, is starting to teach new students to play the tableh. In addition, Batool Hammad is giving violin lessons to students. Batool was also one of the students who started learning music at Lajee Music Institute many years ago.

“Ighdab Song and Video Clip”

On 17 April 2023, Lajee Music Group released a new video clip in honour of Palestinian Prisoner’s Day. The words of the song were written by the prisoner Nasser Abu Srour who spent over 31 years in the occupation prisons. The words were chosen from his book, “On Prison and Other Things.” The song was composed by the oud teacher Mr. Tamer Al-Sahouri and the video was filmed by Lajee Center’s Media Unit in 2023. You can view the video at Lajee’s YouTube channel here.

Palestinian Prisoner’s Day and Salah Al Ajarma Second Anniversary

On 15 April 2023, Lajee Center organized a national day by inviting the families of prisoners, martyrs and deportees to Iftar on the occasion of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day. After the Iftar, Lajee organized the second anniversary of the late director of Lajee Center, Salah Al Ajarma. The second event started with a video about the life of Salah Al Ajarma and speeches by Mr. Khalid Al-Azraq, the daughter of Salah Al Ajarma and the daughter of the deported Nader Abdel Aziz, followed by honoring the families of four martyrs from the camp. At the end of the event Lajee Music Ensemble played three traditional songs and Lajee Dance group performed three folklore dances.

The annual football league for the displaced villages

In April, the football league for the displaced villages took place at Lajee Center’s Field with the participation of nine teams. Each team is named after one of the displaced Palestinian villages. The first, second and third place winning teams will be given prizes in a special celebration in May.

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Palestinian Child’s Day

On 6 April, a workshop was held for a group of children about children’s rights on the Palestinian Child’s Day. The focus was on the right to education, play and protection, and a short film titled “Umbrella” was shown and discussed with the group, in addition to interactive games for the group.

On 12 April 2023, a theatrical performance by the Refrigerator Theater team took place at Lajee Center. A play entitled “Omar’s Nightmare” was performed in front of a group of children of different ages, with the participation of the children of the Lilac Center from Dheisheh camp, and with the support of Defense for Children International.

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