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Hubert Murray and Rowaid Alazza planning for the new Kindergarten Classrooms! 

Lajee Center would like to thank all donors, partners, volunteers and friends of Lajee Center. Without your support Lajee Center wouldn’t be able to continue serving the community and doing all these activities.

“I think the expansions to the kindergarten is a great thing for the children, the [Aida Refugee camp] community and the future!” says Rowaid Alazza.  Rowaid Alazza (Structural Engineer) along with Hubert Murray, Architect and 1for3 Board Member have been collaborating for months to discuss and design the new classroom additions to the Zahrat Al Yasmeen Kindergarten. They have now met in person drawing up the plans and resourcing materials to begin the ground work and construction of the new building immediately. 

“Before we started the school, we planned for 50 students to be enrolled and have enough space to hold as many. In the first year of opening Zahrat Al Yasmeen Kindergarten in September of 2021, we had 46 applications - not as many as originally anticipated. But by graduation of the first Kindergarten class, we received 86 applications. People at first had their doubts about the school, some didn’t understand the teaching philosophy, religion, etc. By the end of the first year, they knew. We had too many applicants in the second year, and had to turn away students which is a disappointment,” Hubert Murray said. 1for3 would like to expand by two classrooms but we understand that will cost too much money to invest in now, so for this year, we are planning to expand by one classroom, which will allow us to accept and serve more students within the Aida Refugee community. We plan for future developments to the school in order to expand even further and provide the best education for as many young children as possible. 

“We didn’t plan for this but by circumstance, we accepted students with special needs, which has proved to be a good learning and developmental experience for the kids. And the parents are very very happy for the inclusion of their kids, as this is the first school of its kind in including special needs within a normal school setting and working with them to integrate into society.” 

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