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Lajee Center Activities in June 2023
Lajee Center would like to thank all donors, partners, volunteers and friends of Lajee Center. Without your support Lajee Center wouldn’t be able to continue serving the community and doing all these activities.

Lajee Dabka Troupe

The Lajee Dabka Troupe participated in the high school graduation ceremony of the “Shuhada Al-Khader” class. The Lajee Troupe presented a collection of traditional folk dances during the graduation.

Zahrat Al Yasmin Kindergarten

On 3 June 2023, Zahrat Al Yasmin Kindergarten organized a graduation ceremony for the second batch of students for the academic year 2022-2023 in Lajee Center’s playground. The kindergarten graduated 25 students, marking their transition to elementary school. The kindergarten students presented wonderful and distinctive artistic performances, and the ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates to the graduating students, attended by parents, teachers, and Lajee Center’s members and friends.

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Expressing Support and Solidarity for Sick Prisoners

On 7 June 2023, the members and employees of Lajee Center participated in a solidarity activity for the prisoner Walid Duqa and the prisoner Aasif Al Rafai, along with all sick prisoners who are subjected to the crime of medical negligence as a means of killing prisoners by the occupation within the Zionist prisons.

Football Academy (Lajee-Celtic)

The Football Academy organizes football training sessions for children aged 5 to 17 years at Lajee’s football field. The children are divided into three different age groups. Additionally, the academy offers advanced training sessions for professional players aged 18 to 28 years.

Earlier this year, Lajee-Celtic Club applied for 17 visas to the United Kingdom for an event highlighting Palestine. Britain rejected 15 out of the 17 players. Despite this political and racial discrimination, Lajee-Celtic insisted on participating and representing Palestine in the anti-discrimination and anti-racism football league organized by the Celtic-Glasgow Fans Association on Scottish soil in June 2023. The league put out a message asking for any Palestinian youth from the diaspora to join the two players who managed to secure visas from Lajee (Aboud Al Azza and Mohammad Shaibat). A Palestinian team was formed, including participants from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Arab Maghreb. Lajee-Celtic team secured third place in the league, and player Mohammad Shaibat was honored with the Best Player award in the league.

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Summer Health Camp

During this month, the Health and Environment Unit organized the fourth annual Summer Health Camp for hypertension and diabetes patients. The camp lasted for 5 days and included the participation of over 70 patients from Aida and Beit Jibrin camps.

The first day, June 14, began with a visit to the village of Battir. Participants learned about Battir’s history, had breakfast, engaged in a quiz competition, and received gifts.

The second day, June 15, featured sports activities, physical exercises, and agricultural work within the aquaponics unit. The day also included comprehensive medical examinations important for hypertension and diabetes patients, preparation of healthy juices and desserts, and discussions about conditional funding from Badil Center.

On the third day, June 16, a recreational trip to Suleiman Pools took place, where participants enjoyed a Palestinian breakfast prepared by the patients. They discussed the impact of psychological traumas on physical health, along with psychological treatment, led by Abu Rayan and accompanied by the Lajee Music Group.

The fourth day, June 17, focused on specific diseases like gout, with a patient sharing her experiences. Dr. Mohammed Abu Sorour explained kidney diseases and discussed various other illnesses, along with the importance of proper nutrition. This day included recreational and physical activities at Lajee Center’s playground.

The camp concluded with a visit to Kharras Pool, where patients expressed their happiness about participating and expressed a desire for more activities like this in the future.

Rebel Circus School

The children of Rebel Circus School had their first-ever cultural tour in Madrid and Cadiz from 24 June till 11 July with Lajee Center’s partner circus in Spain “Pallasos en Rebeldia.”

On the first day, the children engaged in ice-breaking activities with children from the Spanish circus school. They had training sessions with trainers from both schools, and the day concluded with a training session on the “flying art” trapeze technique.

The second day included morning training sessions at the circus school in Rivas with the trainers, followed by a visit to Madrid. They toured a garden, learned about its history, and visited the Crystal Palace.

The third day continued with training sessions for the children, involving both Palestinian and Spanish circus students. Later in the day, they enjoyed recreational activities for Eid Al-Adha, including swimming, visiting a store, and having a group dinner.

On the fourth day, the students had joint performances with Spanish circus students, participated in recreational activities with the Scout group “Gruposcout” and concluded the day with rock climbing.

On the fifth day, the children presented a joint performance in Rivas-Madrid between Rebel Circus School from Lajee Center and the Spanish circus school, attended by Spanish parents, friends of Lajee Center, and residents of Rivas.

Eid Al-Adha Festival

On the second day of Eid Al-Adha, Lajee Center organized the 5th Eid Festival at Lajee Center’s playground for the children and families of Aida camp. The festival included inflatables for children and various booths selling many local products and sweets.

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