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Lajee Center Activities in September 2023
Lajee Center would like to thank all donors, partners, volunteers and friends of Lajee Center. Without your support Lajee Center wouldn’t be able to continue serving the community and doing all these activities.

Lajee Celtic Match

On September 1st, the youth team of Lajee-Celtic club played their first friendly football match against the youth team of Beit Sahour. The match ended with a victory for Beit Sahour’s team, with a score of five goals to three. This first match marks the initial step for the youth team towards establishing Lajee-Celtic club as a competitive team in all leagues and against all opponents, aiming to become a formidable presence in the field of football.

Rebel Circus Activity at Al-Wissam Nursery

On September 3rd, the Rebel Circus School conducted a children’s activity at Al-Wissam Nursery in Al-Doha City. The activity included various entertaining games and training children in simple circus movements by the school’s trainer and the Spanish volunteer, Daniel, from Pallasos en Rebeldía.

Workshop on education protection policies for the Child Protection Teams

On September 9th, Lajee Center hosted a meeting for the Child Protection Teams, consisting of twenty boys and girls from various youth centers, including Lajee Center, the Laylac Center, the Women’s Center in Toqou’, and the Shorouq School for the Blind, in partnership with the Global Movement for Children’s Rights. The meeting included a workshop on education protection policies in Palestine, with a particular focus on reducing school violence. The session covered the definition of school violence, its various forms, and its psychological and academic impact on children in schools. It also discussed strategies for addressing and mitigating these issues.

Importance of Breastfeeding Seminar

On September 10th, the Health and Women’s Unit at Lajee Center, in partnership with the Bethlehem Health Directorate, conducted a seminar for the women on the importance of breastfeeding. This event is part of the activities for World Breastfeeding Week.

Free Palestine Circus Show at Lajee Center

On September 15th, Pallasos en Rebeldía and Flesti Clown performed their Free Palestine Circus Show at Lajee Center Playground. 

For the sixth consecutive year, Pallasos en Rebeldía and Flesti Clown, in partnership with Lajee Center, presented a circus show for over two hundred boys and girls from Aida Camp, Al-Azza Camp, Dheisheh Camp, and Bethlehem Governorate. The event included entertaining games for the children, followed by performances by a Brazilian circus group, a Spanish circus group, and a show by the children of the Rebel Circus School.

Free Palestine Circus Show Tour

Lajee Center, in collaboration with Pallasos en Rebeldía, organized a circus show tour in Palestine called “Free Palestine” from September 15 to 19.

For seven years, Lajee Center has organized a circus tour in Palestine in partnership with Pallasos en Rebeldía. This year’s tour featured more than nine performances by the Pallasos en Rebeldía and a group of circus performers from Brazil.

The tour began with a performance in Nablus, followed by shows in Bethlehem. In Bethlehem, the group performed at Lajee Center playground with students from the Rebel Circus School, at the Frere School and at the Cremisan School. They also performed in Beit Jala at Hassan Mustafa School, in Beit Sahour in cooperation with the YMCA, and completed the tour with performances in Hebron and Qalandia Refugee Camp in cooperation with the Popular Committee in the camp. The shows concluded shows in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Environmental Unit

As part of the work of the Environment Unit, environmental workers and members of the environmental club cleaned and sanitized the deep water unit. They also planted new seedlings in the water unit. Additionally, club members were trained on plant care techniques in the soil, cleaning outdoor plant beds, and watering the crops.

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Embroidery Workshops for Women

The Women’s Unit at Lajee Center initiated a project on embroidery for women to preserve Palestinian identity through art. The first workshop aimed to introduce women to the history and significance of embroidery as a part of Palestinian heritage and outlined the project’s goals. The second workshop focused on training women in creating regular patterns through embroidery.

Free Medical Day at Lajee Center

On September 29th, the Health Unit at Lajee Center, in collaboration with 1for3 Foundation through the “Health for Palestine” program, organized a free medical day that took place at Lajee Center.

The day included routine check-ups for patients with diabetes and hypertension, as well as medical examinations by Dr. Malik Gweyr, a specialist in orthopedics; Dr. Mohammed Abu Surour, a general practitioner; Dr. Henry, a family medicine specialist; Dr. Dima Awad, a specialist in gynecology; and Dr. Richard Jaar, an ophthalmologist. Specific medications were also provided to patients based on their needs, supplied by Dar Al-Shifa and Birzeit Pharmaceuticals.

Zahrat Al-Yasmin Kindergarten

During August the students learned a lot of new ideas and skills. They learned letters, numbers, colors, sport skills and art skills. The children learn through playing and in a fun and creative way, which makes the kindergarten a special place for them to develop their skills and enjoy their time.

Dabka and Music

Dabka training and music lessons continued at Lajee Center. The most advanced music students of Lajee Center started teaching music to the beginner music students. Students also started taking advanced music lessons with teachers at Edward Said National Conservatory of Music to develop their musical skills and knowledge.

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